MCP At The Movies (kinda), 4-24-2009

In today’s busy and economically-challenged society, one can’t be expected to see every movie that comes out, or even to read full-length reviews of them.  We here at Molotov Cocktail Party understand your needs, and reduce everything YOU need to know about the newest releases into a few mercifully brief sentences.  Read on, and plan your weekend, safe in the knowledge that our not having seen the films in question (hey, we’re on a budget, too, y’know) will not interfere with our mission to bring you the information you need to make your entertainment decisions.


Some kind of Nature documentary.  Apparently narrated by Patrick Stewart.  You know, from Star Trek: The Next Generation. Ooh, that new Star Trek flick opens in two weeks, doesn’t it?  Man, I’m amped to see that.  Aren’t you?


I guess it’s a stalker thriller or something?  But, man, you wanna talk obsessed, how ’bout those Trekkies, huh?  Am I right?  Although I guess I shouldn’t talk, what with being all excited for this new Star Trek
film and everything.  With J.J. Abrams directing?  How can this not be awesome?


Ummm…something, something, New York City…something, something, underground street fighting…anyway…Star Trek.  Yeah.  That’ll be awesome.  I think I’m going to the midnight release screening.  How ’bout you?

The Soloist

And Nimoy’s in it!!  Leonard Fucking Nimoy.  Who expected him to make another Trek pic, huh?  Awesome.  Just fucking awesome.  And I heard there’s gonna be…huh?  What?  Oh, right: The Soloist.  Yeah, Jamie Foxx plays a homeless musician who enlists in Starfleet and takes command of…ummm…Yeah, I might be confusing this with something else.  But whatever.