MCP At The Moves (kinda), 4-17-2009

In today’s busy and economically-challenged society, one can’t be expected to see every movie that comes out, or even to read full-length reviews of them.  We here at Molotov Cocktail Party understand your needs, and reduce everything YOU need to know about the newest releases into a few mercifully brief sentences.  Read on, and plan your weekend, safe in the knowledge that our not having seen the films in question (hey, we’re on a budget, too, y’know) will not interfere with our mission to bring you the information you need to make your entertainment decisions.

State of Play

A political thriller starring Russell Crowe and Ben Affleck.  If any of that sounds appealing to you, knock yourself out.

Crank: High Voltage

Apparently this is a sequel to some other movie (reportedly titled Crank).  And I guess it’s an action flick about some guy who needs to jump start his battery-powered heart every couple hours.  Whatever; the REAL news is that it features nigh-forgotten former drug-addled child actor Corey Haim!  W00T!  Hopefully this will pave the way for a Speed sequel featuring Corey Feldman.

17 Again

After having a bit part as one of those weenies Samuel L. Jackson blows away at the beginning of Pulp Fiction, Burr Steers (yeah, that’s his real name) went on to direct hip indie flick Igby Goes Down.  Now he’s making a body-switching comedy about an adult being magically transformed into a teenager.  ‘Cause that’s never been done before.