MCP At The Movies (kinda), 4-10-2009

In today’s busy and economically-challenged society, one can’t be expected to see every movie that comes out, or even to read full-length reviews of them.  We here at Molotov Cocktail Party understand your needs, and reduce everything YOU need to know about the newest releases into a few mercifully brief sentences.  Read on, and plan your weekend, safe in the knowledge that our not having seen the films in question (hey, we’re on a budget, too, y’know) will not interfere with our mission to bring you the information you need to make your entertainment decisions.

Observe and Report

Mall-based Rent-a-Cop is dangerously unstable and has an overly-inflated sense of his own importance and competence.  Possibly a documentary.

Hannah Montana: The Movie

Spoiled teenage girl demands and wins a career in television, music, and motion pictures from her untalented yet wealthy father.  Probably a documentary.  A sequel in which the girl attempts to conquer drugs and mental illness and stage an ill-conceived comeback is slated for May, 2023.

Dragonball: Evolution

Note to self: Have a great idea for a documentary: multitudes of virgins brave the sunlight in order to flock to an eagerly-awaited film adaptation of something, and afterwards complain incessantly about its inferiority to the original source material.