MCP at the Movies (kinda), 5-22-09

In today’s busy and economically-challenged society, one can’t be expected to see every movie that comes out, or even to read full-length reviews of them.  We here at Molotov Cocktail Party understand your needs, and reduce everything YOU need to know about the newest releases into a few mercifully brief sentences.  Read on, and plan your weekend, safe in the knowledge that our not having seen the films in question (hey, we’re on a budget, too, y’know) will not interfere with our mission to bring you the information you need to make your entertainment decisions.

Terminator Salvation

Hollywood responds to criticism that it lacks originality with ZOMG GIANT ROBOTS FROM TEH FUTURE!!!!!  KA-BOOOOM!!!!11!!!!

Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian

Upon sober consideration, Hollywood decides it does lack originality after all.  Hollywood signals its surrender by releasing a sequel to a book adaptation, populated mainly be historical figures.  Dozens of celebrities sign on to show their support for Hollywood as it copes with its life-changing originality-deficiency disability (aka ODD).

Dance Flick

The Wayans clan – all 400 of them – arrive late to the “Help Wipe Out ODD!” fundraiser and innocently ask, “What the hell is originality?”