Now Hear This (vol. 1)


This needs to stop.

Seeing this has inspired me to officially call Shark on jokes about Dr. Manhattan‘s wang in the Watchmen movie.

Let it go.

Yes, it’s blue, it’s glowing, and, on a cinema screen, it’s about the size of Tom Hanks.

But let it go.

I dunno, maybe I’m over-reacting.  It just seems like every single review, blog post, conversation, etc I’ve experienced about this movie has included some variation of  “OMGBIGBLUESHLONG” and I’m tired of it.  It’s not just me, is it?

I can understand that the novelty of male frontal nudity in a major motion picture, to say nothing of it being infused with a soothing turquoise glow, is a bit of a conversation starter.  But there’s a LOT going on in this movie: attempted rape and snapping limbs and casual trips to Mars and mega-fucking-mass-murder (*SPOILER ALERT*).  Not to mention the political, ethical, and theological issues raised.  And, need I add, a middle-aged, limp-dicked nebbish dressed as a fucking owl.

WHY do I keep hearing about this blue guy’s majestic azure dick?

If Dr. Manhattan had been a lady, would we be hearing a bunch of geeks chattering about her big beautiful blueberry bosoms?  A couple of twelve-year-olds, maybe.  But I don’t think we’d be hearing nearly this amount of ostensibly witty commentary from genuine adults.  And any alleged grown-up who commented on them would immediately be dismissed as hopelessly juvenile.  Right?  Why is it any different because we’re looking at a cock?  Why do I keep hearing a bunch of otherwise mature, intellectual people giggling about this like we’re in middle school health class?

Am I over-reacting here?  Am I imagining the excessive reaction to this?  Am I losing my fucking mind???