Some Beer with Chris & Dan: Dan & Chris Thought They Smelled Bacon

Chris and Dan really need to know who’s making bacon. Don’t you smell it? Right? Right? Someone around here is frying bacon and not sharing it. Who does that? Who makes bacon- in significant quantities, by the smell- and doesn’t share? That’s terrible. It’s one of the worst things you can do.


Some Beer with Dan & Chris: Chris & Dan Versus Alan Thicke

Who’s the man with the money
Makes the dark days sunny
Who’s the fella every day
Gives a bundle away
Who’s the guy with the prizes
That’ll light up your eyes
It’s never endin’
Get a friend and
Get a ready to play-hey-hey
It’s the Wizard of Odds!


Some Beer with Chris & Dan: Dan & Chris Find Romance in a Small Bolivian Village

When Chris finds himself stranded in Boliva following a comical Llama accident he thinks he’s in for a rough time. After some hilarious misunderstandings arise from Chris’ half-remembered high school Spanish, he meets a lonely Bolivian Grandmother…