Some Beers With Chris & Dan: Tyler Perry’s Some Beer with Chris & Dan

Tyler Perry had nothing to do with this episode. Despite his being “just outside the top five highest-paid men in Hollywood” Dan had to look him up on Wikipedia when writing this blurb.


Some Beers with Dan & Chris: Chris & Dan Escape From Alcatraz

It took three months to steal all the strings from the prison piano. Another eight weeks to scavenge the remaining footage from eight banjos, four guitars,one ukulele and fourteen pounds of hair from the prison barber’s trash. Chris spent four full nights, on no sleep, braiding the rope.

Dan built a raft boat from his cellmate, Anthony “Overweight Tony” Fatso-Jones. Fatso-Jones was in for tax evasion and cannibalism. He was also very large. With an air-pump built from an old accordion and a paddle made from popsicle sticks the boys were ready to make their break.

As soon as they made it over the wall, Chris and Dan were shot.


Some Beers with Chris & Dan: Dan & Chris: The Tower Treasure

In this novel, Dan & Chris try to find a stolen item that belongs to their pal Chet Morton. Chris & Dan search the mansion for clues, and try to locate the culprit. They must face dangerous thieves and compete with another detective, Oscar Smuff, to recover the stolen jewels and bring the thief, Red Jackley, to justice. How will these first time detectives solve their first mystery, only you can find out!