Some Beers with Dan & Chris: Chris & Dan Open a Car Dealership

We’ve got to clear out our inventory before the 2010 models arrive! We’ll do anything to move these cars! Loaded automobiles at low, low, LOOOOOW prices!!


Some Beers with Chris & Dan: Dan and Chris and your mom

She is an absolutely lovely woman.  She offered coffee right off the bat, then started baking cookies! Cookies! They were these little chocolate ones with butterscotch. They were wonderful. You just don’t meet hosts like that anymore. She’s a really classy lady, your mom.

She had these great photos of you as a kid. That one of you in with your whole Kindergarden class in halloween costumes? That was great! She’s really very proud of you. Do you call her enough?


Some Beers with Dan & Chris: Chris & Dan Fight Some Ninjas

Look, we’re not the bragging type of dudes. We don’t want to make a big deal about this. Yeah, yeah, they were ninjas with swords and everything. Still though, it’s not much. I mean, they attack one at a time, so the numbers really don’t mean much.

It was only twenty or thirty anyway.